JYJ's Junsu Building $15 Million Luxury Holiday Resort, Opening This Fall

June 14, 2013 at 5:00 pm EDT

Junsu poses at a JYJ fan event in the COEX Mall, Gangnam, Seoul, on April 29Credit: Dispatch Images

Junsu poses at a NII-sponsored JYJ fan event in Seoul's COEX Mall on April 29
Credit: Dispatch Images

Is Junsu about to become the next Hilton? The JYJ member is planning to build a multi-million dollar hotel resort on Jeju Island in Korea, multiple sources confirm.

The 26-year-old is currently be building a luxury vacation spot, costing around $15 million. "The resort will be roughly 700,000 square feet in size," a real estate investment told SBS' Midnight TV Entertainment show.

And while Junsu is funding the grand project, it'll be a family affair, claims a source, who reveals that his father will manage the sixty-five room project when it opens late this fall.

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"Junsu is very busy because of his [hectic] schedule," says the insider. Adds a rep for the singer: "His father has experience in business relations. He will manage the hotel. Also, his father's name will appear as the owner of the business."

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Junsu has been a busy bee recently. His recently recorded single "Foolish Heart" is the on the soundtrack for hit drama The Fugitive of Joseon and he is currently preparing for an album comeback later this month.

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