Jo Kwon Twitpics From France Vacation

January 3, 2013 at 4:00 pm EDT

Jo Kwon in Lyon, FranceCredit: Twitter

Jo Kwon in Lyon, France
Credit: Twitter


This time last year Jo Kwon celebrated the end a successful 12 months with a trip to the French capital, Paris. And for 2013 he's done the same thing again - this time in Lyon.

Since arriving on January 1, the 2AM singer has shared many photos of his time in the city, which he is believed to be spending with friend of 10-years, Maeng Gina, who is the cousin of Boy's Over Flowers star Kim Bum.

"I only rest once a year after working hard for the previous [year]," he wrote, referring to the vacation as a "healing trip".

On the holiday itinerary? Sight-seeing and eating.

This morning he uploaded pictures from his previous night's dinner outing, writing: "I did a good job ordering food this time! I broke a champagne glass but a handsome waiter in Lyon said it will bring me good luck."

Fans have already been quick to seek out where the 23-year-old is staying.

On Chinese social networking side, a user has already posted photos of the "Never Let You Go" star at a local pharmacy.

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