Jinusean's Sean: "I Almost Gave Up Career For My Wife"

December 26, 2012 at 3:00 pm EDT


Sean Noh and Jung Hye Young with their four children at home in Seoul, September 2011Credit: ArtsPrint

Sean Noh and Jung Hye Young with their four children at home in Seoul, September 2011
Credit: ArtsPrint

On the "Win Win" couch, December 22, 2012Credit: KBS

On the "Win Win" couch, December 22, 2012
Credit: KBS

The music almost ended for Junusean!

Sean Noh, one half of the hip-hop duo, has admitted he considered "giving it all up" for wife Jung Hye Young after she initially refused to date a celebrity.

Speaking of the time the couple, both 39, first started dating, Noh revealed: "Hye Young didn’t want to date a celebrity, so I even thought about retiring from the entertainment industry [so we could be together].

"I thought, 'This is the woman I'm going to marry and I can't let go of her."

The parents of four made joint revelations on the December 25 Christmas special of KBS' Win Win, where they were interviewed together about their successful marriage.

But Young revealed during their first days together she almost walked away. "I wasn't interested in celebrity… I asked him to take me to eat street food or play at Lotte World [recreation complex], both very public places," she admitted. "If he said 'let's do it', I was going to date him, but if he said no then I wasn't going to bother.

"We didn't end up going [laughs]. I told him, 'If you don't like being with me because of your job, then I don't want to date you at all'."

But Sean now sees the error of his ways, admitting: "When I think about it now, I wonder why I did that… I buttoned the first button in the wrong hole!"

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