JeA: "Brown Eyed Girls Eat More Than Girls' Generation"

January 23, 2013 at 2:00 pm EDT

Brown Eyed Girls at a Skin79 in Seoul on December 21, 2012Credit: Dispatch Images

Brown Eyed Girls at a Skin79 in Seoul on December 21, 2012
Credit: Dispatch Images

They may just be four, but band member JeA says she and the Brown Eyed Girls spend more on food than nine member group Girls' Generation.

The 31-year-old revealed that, although they try to keep in shape, their eating expenses are much higher than the super-slim "I Got a Boy" singers.

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Speaking KBS2's Vitamin show, Jea confessed: "I've tried to diet and exercise to get stronger and slimmer for my solo activities, but I always fail because the other members of the group never miss a meal."

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She added: "Because our group members are so into healthy foods, our expenses are higher than those of Girls' Generation."

Although Brown Eyed Girls are healthy eaters, they have succumbed to a fad diet or two. Ga In, 25, once admitted to drinking coffee to satisfy her food cravings.

"I diet with coffee," she has said. "Drinking coffee prevents me from eating other food because it satisfies my stomach enough. So I don't gain weight."


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