Jay Park Teases Sex Scenes in Adult-Rated "Welcome" Video

April 22, 2013 at 6:00 pm EDT

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Jay Park follows his own rules. The 25-year-old  is heating up the internet once again with a new teaser video for his forthcoming single, "Welcome".

In the steamy 22 second clip, which has been rated for viewers over the age of 15, Park writhes with a female co-star as she digs her red nails into his back. In another scene, he lies shirtless under his bed sheets.

Jay Park keeps his shirt off for the full video teaserCredit: Sidus HQ

Jay Park keeps his shirt off for the full video teaser
Credit: Sidus HQ

The single, which features on his "Joah" album, will be released with a full racy music video on April 25. And despite the adult tones, the former 2PM band member is making apologies to no one.

"Y'all gotta remember, I do my s--- independently," he tweeted on April 14. "I don't have to ask permission to do nothing. No one tells me when to drop my albums. I make all my own decisions, work hard play hard."

He added: "It's only been two years and I came a long way. I do my s--- for real. R&B, hip-hop all day, I've been living this s--- since second grade. [The] difference between doing music and getting famous and doing music for fame."


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