Jay Park Flirts with Model Clara in Sexy Photo Shoot: Pictures

August 19, 2013 at 10:00 am EDT

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She was the sexy model-turned-actress in Jay Park's "Joah" video, and now Clara has come together once more with singer - this time for a flirty fashion shoot.

The photos -- which appear in the new issue of 1st Look magazine -- have been taken to promote next month's One HipHop FestivalPark, 26, sits between Clara's legs, covering his blushing cheeks as the 27-year-old turns to the camera, revealing her curves in skin-tight, pink leopard print leggings.

Jay Park and Clara both share a love for hip-hop music Credit: 1st Look

Jay Park and Clara both share a love for hip-hop music
Credit: 1st Look

In another photo the sexy 27-year-old model reveals her toned behind as she teases readers by slowly peeling down her sweat pants and poking her tongue out.

Clara and Park -- both regulars on Saturday Night Live Korea -- expressed their excitement and anticipation of the forthcoming hip hop event. Clara tells the magazine: "I've always wanted to meet Nelly, who is coming to the 2013 One HipHop Festival. I am filming on the day of the festival, but I do want to go after I finish filming that that day. Could I go on stage too?!"

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Former 2PM member Park will be performing at the event, which takes place on September 7 at the KINTEX exhibition center in Ilsan.

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