Jaejoong: "There Are Many Moments I'm Not Happy"

January 27, 2013 at 9:00 am EDT

JaejoongCredit: C-JeS Entertainment

Credit: C-JeS Entertainment

Sitting on top of the charts, you'd be forgiven for thinking Jaejoong has it all, but the JYJ singer has confessed there are moments he is anything but.

In a revealing interview, the 27-year old admits that his happiness is often clouded.

"I'm very happy, but there are moments in which I'm not," he told Mnet's enews. "I think it′s because I have to meet a lot of people.

"I live a life that no one else can live for me, but I also have to go through what no one else has gone through."

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The singer also revealed the true meaning behind the lyrics on his latest album, Mine.

"Healing for Myself" which has lyrics that speak of longing for a lost love, is based on a true story," he said. "I′ve written about my own relationships ever since I started writing lyrics for TVXQ, and my fans know that I′ve been using my own experiences for my lyrics.

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"Of course, I need to have experienced love to be able to write about it [laughs]. I do sometimes write lyrics based on films, though."

Asked when he was last in a relationship, and the JYJ start refused to share. "I won't answer this question," he laughed.

During the interview, Jaejoong shared his bandmates' reaction to his surprisingly rockier sound.

"Yoochun was preparing for a media day event in China when 'One Kiss' was released," he said. "I sent him the song and he said he had some drinks after listening to it. I guess it's a song that makes you feel like drinking.

"Junsu really liked 'Mine'. He listened to it and kept saying, 'Oh, good, good, good'… it turned out the way he wanted it to be."


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