IU: "I'm so sorry for Eunhyuk scandal"

December 25, 2012 at 11:00 am EDT

IU at The Thieves screening in Seoul on July 12, 2012

IU at The Thieves screening in Seoul on July 12, 2012

After taking a vow of silence for almost two months, IU has decided to speak out about her controversial relationship with Super Junior's Eunhyuk.

In an open letter on her official website, the 19-year-old addressed the scandal and apologised to fans for "making all this trouble".

She wrote: "How have you been…? It's been so stuffy because I've kept my doors shut tight. Of course, I haven't been outside. I felt really suffocated...

"I have been wanting to write on the 'From IU' board for so long. I learned, though, that there are a lot of things you can do when you're bored in the world other than reading comments [here]. I'm sorry [to the fans] - you've lost weight because of all the suffering. And I'm more sort because I've gained weight after making all this trouble."

In November, fans were shocked when a photo of the You & I singer and Eunhyuk, 26, was accidentally uploaded to her Twitter account. In the sexy snap, she could be seen laying close to a shirtless Eunhyuk

At the time, a LOEN Entertainment rep denied any relationship, claiming that the Super Junior star had merely visited a sick IU in the summer.

But it seems the 'sweetheart of Korea' is ready to move on. "Today is Christmas!" she continued. "So I just came back to ask how you've been doing, and disappear again. Really, take care not to catch a cold. I'll be out of my room soon. Have some juice while you wait in the living room [for me]."

And fans won't have to wait long. An SBS rep confirms that on December 29, IU will host the Gayo Daejun live TV event alongside actor Jung Kyeo Woon.

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