Inside Brown Eyed Girl Narsha's Wild Birthday Party

December 28, 2012 at 4:30 pm EDT

Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha celebrated her fabulous 31st birthday with her seniors and juniors of the K-pop world.

Several stars, including singer Kim Tae Woo and actor Shin Hyun Joon, tweeted their messages and photos from the boozy bash.

Posing with bottles of Chum-Churum soju, Narsha could be seen with KARA's Goo Hara, who tweeted: "To my lovely Narsha unnie. Happy birthday unnie!"

Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Music director Randy Noh, who hosted the bash from his Seoul restaurant, also shared a Twitpic from the celebration. "Narsha's birthday party at my store with JeA, Goo Hara, Kim Tae Woo, Shin Hyun Joon!"

Although honest about her age now, young-looking Narsha used to claim she is two years younger. "When I debuted, I said that I was born in 1983," she revealed on an episode of Strong Heart. "But I was born in 1981 and deduced by age by two years when I did my profile. I'm sorry."

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