How Rookie Group GI's OneKet Lost 35 Pounds for Debut

April 25, 2013 at 12:00 pm EDT

OneKet lost 35 pounds in a year before the group's debutCredit: SimTong Entertainment

OneKet lost 35 pounds in a year before the group's debut
Credit: SimTong Entertainment

Now that's dedication! Rookie girl group GI are currently busy introducing themselves to the K-pop world, but it's taken a lot of preparation to get to this point - member OneKet lost over 35 pounds (16kg) to prepare for their debut.

The 21-year-old, who rocks a part-shaved head, lived on a diet of soy milk and calorie-tracking to get in shape.

"When OneKet started training, she weighed 59kg [130 pounds]," a rep for the group says of the 5-foot-3 [162cm] rapper. "She drank only soy milk and ate carefully, losing 9kg [20 pounds] a year before her debut. She slowly shed the pounds until she lost 16kg [35.2 pounds] in total. She is monitoring what she's eating to maintain her weight."

Proving she has remained on track, OneKet, who now weighs approximately 95 pounds [45kg], tweeted a photo of herself tucking in to a salad for lunch. "I really like it," she wrote.

GI, which stands for Global Icon, made their debut on April 3 with the single "Beatles". Their group is composed of five ladies, OneKet, Ha Yun, 22, Eun Ji, 20,  A I, 20, and A Ram, 19.


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