How Much?! Super Junior’s Shindong Confesses to Eating $2,000 of Pork Belly in ONE Session

November 14, 2014 at 3:00 pm EDT

Pork belly for the belly! Super Junior member Shindong has revealed he loves eating pork belly so much that he once ate almost $2,000 worth in a single sitting!

While filming a Super Junior special of KBS's global request show, A Song For You, the cuddly 29-year-old idol shared just how serious his love affair with food really is.

The members shared personal photos from their smartphones in one of the show’s segments, including a mouth-watering image of the Korean favorite samgyeopsal, a delicious pork belly which is enjoyed grilled and commonly washed down with soju.

Super Junior all tucked into a "last meal" together for an episode of A Song For You to be aired before Shindong leaves for military service
Credit: KBS

The "Mamacita" singer's eyes beamed brightly upon seeing the photo of the meat. When member and show host Kangin, 29, asked how many servings Shindong has eaten by himself, the idol replied, "I've eaten up to 2 million won's [$1850 USD] worth."

The other members all burst into laughter when they heard they news, but no one seemed surprised!

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Check out the episode on Saturday, November 15, to see more of Super Junior’s personal photos and a bid farewell to Shindong in one of his last appearances with the group before setting off for the army on November 25.

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