Girl's Generation's Yuri Joins Instagram, Posts Comedy Selfies

June 14, 2013 at 3:30 pm EDT

Yuri captioned this photo with "Hi?! It's hot. I'm bored" on June 14Credit: Instagram

Yuri captioned this funny upload with "Hi?! It's hot. I'm bored" on June 14
Credit: Instagram

After encouragement from her huge fanbase, Girl's Generation singer Yuri has joined popular photo sharing app Instagram.

The 23-year-old picked the simple username @yulyulk for her account, which went live on Thursday June 13. Despite only being online for a day, the singer has already uploaded 13 photos, with over 178,000 "Sones" (the official name for Girl's Generation fans) already following her updates.

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"GG Concert," was the caption for her very first image taken at her band's Girls & Peace 2013 world tour press conference in Seoul.

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Since the first upload, the "I Got a Boy" star has shared funny images of herself making silly faces, preparing a dish with chicken feet, scuba diving and cute snaps of her puppy Hani.

Yuri joins fellow members Hyoyeon, 23, and Taeyeon, 24, on Instagram.

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