Girls' Generation: "What We Want in Our Boyfriends"

January 1, 2013 at 2:00 pm EDT

Girls' Generation on the set of "I Got a Boy"Credit: SM Entertainment

Girls' Generation on the set of "I Got a Boy"
Credit: SM Entertainment

Form an orderly queue, boys.

Girls' Generation have revealed the qualities that potential boyfriends should have on a new TV special to celebrate the "I Got a Boy" album launch.

Seohyun, 21, was first to speak up on the MBC Special Girls' Generation: Romantic Fantasy. "At first, I didn't care about a man’s appearance, but now I do," she said. "I like a man who has pretty eyes."

Added Sooyoung, 22: "I like a man who has a pretty nose, eyes and a cute mouth."

But it was 22-year-old Yoona who asked for something very specific: "I don't like guys who never have an ounce of jealously! However, I don't want them to be openly jealous either."

The nine girls, who are all single, also discussed who would make the best wife, with Taeyeon, 23, making her pick first. "[Sooyoung] seems like she will be faithful to her family," she explained. "Seouhyun also seems like she'd get married early. She has the image of a good housewife."

After a deep discussion, the members all admitted they would like to get married in their 20s or 30s.

Hyoyeon then turned the conversation into a bet, suggesting: "Let’s support the person who gets married first with a lot of money."

On December 28, Sooyoung denied she was dating actor Won Bin, claiming they have never even met before.


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