Girl's Generation Tiffany: "I Don't Like Exercise… We Eat More than Super Junior"

June 11, 2013 at 2:00 pm EDT

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Girl's Generation Tiffany has opened up about the band's eating secrets, revealing they eat more than the boys of Super Junior. The 23-year-old singer also tells the June issue of ELLE Korea about her beauty secrets as well her self-confessed monster appetite.

When asked about her diet, the slim star reveals: "I live on food. If I get hungry, I get cranky. Not too long ago, [LA Dodgers baseball player] Hyun Jin Ryu, who I met in LA, was surprised when he saw me eat. He said I ate like a baseball player!

Tiffany posed for a sophisticated editorial, wearing crisp whites and sexy red lipstickCredit: ELLE Korea

Tiffany posed for a sophisticated editorial, wearing crisp whites and sexy red lipstick
Credit: ELLE Korea

Surprisingly, Tiffany admits she exercises the least out of the group ("I don't like to," she laughs), but puts down her glowing beauty and physique to a love of beauty treatments. "I have a lot of interest in beauty care," she says. "Dermatology treatments, massages that improve your facial line, separate body massage… I go to many health spas regularly because good places are all different. I consistently make an effort."

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In 2011 the band were heavily criticised for not eating enough after their tour riders were posted online, but the American-Korean beauty says this couldn't be further from the truth. "That's nonsense!" she laughs. "We sometimes do concerts that run for 3.5 hours, and it's just not possible with that diet."

She adds: "Also, the choreography for 'I Got A Boy' is really powerful. Strength is essential. Our managers get surprised. They say our food expenses are more than Super Junior's!"

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