Girl's Day's Yura Makes Model Hong Jong Hyun Blush During Phoot Shoot as Couple: Video

September 19, 2014 at 12:00 pm EDT

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Hong Jong Hyun may be a professional model-turned-actor, but during a flirty photo shoot with Girl's Day's Yura he found it maintain his professionalism.

The good looking pair were brought together for a photoshoot as virtual husband and wife for the new season of MBC's We Got Married.

As the two idol stars posed for pictures — which show the 21-year-old idol and 24-year-old male model in a variety of cozy romantic settings — the Girl's Day diva flirted so much that his face neck went red!

The Girl’s Day singer flirted so much with model Hong that his face neck went red! Credit: MBC width=

During a bedroom scene, Yura lay her head on Hong's legs and locked her sensual eyes on him making him lose his cool and get seriously embarrassed.

Set sources say the dynamic continued throughout the entire day's shoot — which will be aired on the Saturday, September 20, episode of the MBC reality show — as she jumped around making heart shapes with her arms and running to her virtual hubby for loving hugs!

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At one point, Yura was changing her costume and Hong Jong Hyun looked like he didn't know where to place his eyes! Yura quickly pointed out, "I'm the bad one."

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