Gavy NJ Singer Shihyun Arrested For Shoplifting, Confesses to Crime

June 12, 2013 at 9:00 am EDT

Shihyun on stage at a May 5 MBC Music Core taping in Gwangjang, SeoulCredit: Dispatch Images

Shihyun on stage at a May 5 MBC Music Core taping in Gwangjang, Seoul
Credit: Dispatch Images

Shihyun of girl trio Gavy NJ been caught attempting to shoplift from a clothes store on June 10. The singer was detained by Seoul police after trying to exit the boutique with around $250 worth of goods, before being caught by a shop worker.

The 25-year-old admitted her wrongdoing to authorities immediately and apologized for her actions. After confessing to her crimes, and a short investigation, she was sent home.

Today the singer posted on the group's Facebook fan page: "I am sorry for concerning and disappointing my fans and everyone I know with my wrongful actions yesterday.

"I'm am not trying to be excused here. I just want to beg for your forgiveness and I want to extend my apologies to my colleagues and my family, who will suffer because of me."

She ended the note by referring to herself in the third-person: "I will try to be a more mature Shihyun who won't disappoint you from now on. Once again I am sorry."

Gavy NJ recently released their single "Forever Cinema" in April. A spokesperson for the group declined to add further comment when contacted by IdolWow!.

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