Ga In Reveals Flawless Skin, Cleavage for Summer Photoshoot

June 5, 2013 at 1:00 pm EDT

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In is showing off her enviable beauty and curves in a new summer photoshoot.

The pictorial, shot for the July edition of Korea's CeCi magazine, show PSY's 25-year-old "Gentleman" co-star boldly baring her bust-line as well as her sensationally smooth skin, coupled with tousled hair. Bright colored Bohemian-style clothes and patterns together with sizzling eye make-up emphasise her trademark sexy allure.

Flawless: Ga In captures the essence of summer in the new shootCredit: CeCi

Flawless: Ga In captures the essence of summer in the new shoot
Credit: CeCi

Already known for her eye make-up fancy, the idol singer takes it further for this shoot with a magnificent bronze tone. A set source says of the shoot: "Living up to her reputation for loving eye make-up, Ga In was proactive in the shoot and offered different ideas and put an air of zest into the production set," adding that the songstress was able to bring life to the sexy and healthy look of bronze make-up better than anyone else. "It was a perfect piece of work," the source adds.


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