G-Dragon to Launch His Own Vitamin Water Flavor: First Look

June 28, 2013 at 1:00 pm EDT

G-Dragon poses with his limited edition "G-Creator" Vitamin Water bottleCredit: Coca Cola

G-Dragon poses with his limited edition "G-Creator" Vitamin Water bottle

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Tasty! Big Bang rapper G-Dragon is launching his very own flavour of Vitamin Water.

The iconic 24-year-old collaborated with Glaceau Vitamin Water in their new campaign "G-Creator Project" to design and create a new limited edition bottle and flavour for the popular drink.

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Glaceau’s communications agency announced that the new G-Dragon-designed the limited edition "G-CREATOR" flavor and bottle, which will hit shelves in Korea next month.

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"I was interested because it’s not like clothes or shoes ad I’ve done before but it was a lifestyle brand," he says of the partnership. "It was something that I liked, and I could be beyond just a model and I could design the label and even invent a flavor."

He added: "First it sounded like a lot of work so I thought it would be a hassle. But when they told me that the slogan of this project was 'Be Glaceau'. I asked 'What is being like Glaceau?' and they said 'Being G-Dragon!'. When I heard that I thought I have to do this."

As project manager and joint designer on the creative project, the "One of a Kind" star will be celebrating the product launch at the a special party.

On July 5, G-Dragon will be joined at a Seoul cafe by YG Entertainment labelmates Tablo and Lee Hi to launch the new campaign.

The global beverage brand, launched in Korea four years ago, released several promotional videos of GD on YouTube last month.

He now joins the ranks of eminent world icons such as 50 Cent, who also collaborated with the company on a limited edition product launch.

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