G-Dragon Inspired PSY to Use "Abracadabra" Dance For "Gentleman"

April 19, 2013 at 6:00 pm EDT

G-Dragon at Seoul Fashion Week for the 'KYE' show on on March 28Credit: Han Myung Gu/WireImage

G-Dragon at Seoul Fashion Week for the 'KYE' show on on March 28
Credit: Han Myung Gu/WireImage

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G-Dragon is everywhere! It's no secret that PSY's "Gentleman" borrows a signature dance routine from Brown Eyed Girls' K-pop hit "Abracadabra". But it's now been revealed that YG Entertainment labelmate G-Dragon is the brain behind the decision to recycle the memorable choreography.

PSY revealed in a tweet to G-Dragon: "You performed the dance when you heard the song and that is why we thought of using it."

After a chuckle, the BIGBANG rapper replied: "I'm good at that dance."

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PSY's second international single, which is well on its way to 200 million YouTube views, has already spawned dozens of dance cover videos. The 35-year-old "Gangnam Style" star says of the routine, which he bought the copyright for: "We took Brown Eyed Girls [dance for Abracadabra] and changed it to fit me. I plan to continue to remake dances and songs from Korea and take them overseas."

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He says of his decision to introduce known choreography to foreign audiences: "There already are few markets out there that emphasize specific points in dance. I intend to take dances from K-pop overseas, and have overseas markets look into the original owners of the dances. Next, I will take songs from Korea and reinterpret them. I will continue to take positive things from Korea and bring them to the fans overseas."

In 2009, G-Dragon admitted he was a huge fan of the "Abracadabra" routine, even mimicking it with his backing dancers on an episode of Music Bank.


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