f(x)'s Sulli, Krystal Flirt With Minho, Flash Abs in Shoot -- See the Pics

January 17, 2013 at 9:30 am EDT

f(x)'s Sulli and Krystal have teamed up with SHINee singer Minho in their first photo shoot together.

The fun trio posed for star style magazine High Cut to promote their partnership with cosmetics brand Etude House, where they spoke about growing older and becoming adults.

Sulli, who recently revealed she has lost weight, looked slender in spring fashion trends, while Krystal happily bared her toned abs for the camera.

Sulli, Minho and KrystalCredit: High Cut

Sulli, Minho and Krystal
Credit: High Cut

Talking about the day she turned 19 (Korean age, 20) Sulli admitted she raced to filled her MP3 player with adult-rated content.

"What I did on the first day I turned 20 was listen to 19+ rated songs," she laughed. "Like GD and T.O.P's 'Knockout', there are so many hip-hop songs i like that are rated 19+. As soon as it turned January 1, I downloaded them."

Krystal, who turned 18 last year, admitted that she can't believe how quickly time is moving by.

"As a singer, it's been four years, but because we don't put out a lot of albums, I still feel like a rookie," she commented.

Issue XX is on stands nowCredit: High Cut

Issue 94 0f the magazine is on stands now
Credit: High Cut


"We always prepare a new album with a new heart. We're currently recording and in talks of our next album."

The three singers were styled in H&M and other high street brands for the shoot.

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Minho, 21, admitted he is close to the girls, but also likes to hangout with his male friends.

"I keep in touch with Kwanghee [from ZE:A] who always brightens up my mood. I hang out with Changmin [from TVXQ] and [Super Junior's] Kyuhyun a lot. We like to drink, so we share drinks and chat."

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