f(x)'s Amber, Super Junior's Heechul Unfollow Sulli on Instagram

July 2, 2015 at 6:00 pm EDT

No modern break up is complete without the obligatory social media unfriending, so it comes as no surprise that just a week after it was revealed Sulli has left f(x) to become a full-time actress, former bandmate Amber Liu has unfollowed on Instagram.

Fans of the group noticed that four days ago 22-year-old Amber's follow list dropped by one person and that Sulli was no longer on it.

Amber has removed her former f(x) bandmate, Sulli, from her follow list on Instagram

Amber has removed her former f(x) bandmate, Sulli, from her follow list on Instagram

And SM Entertainment label mate Heechul from Super Junior appears to have done the same. Sulli -- whose pics he would often 'like' -- is no longer amongst the people he follows.

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Interestingly Sulli's account, which is her private account, has lost four other followers and she herself has unfollowed seven people.

At the time news of Sulli's departure from the group broke, sources at SM insisted that the group were still close, but perhaps this is no longer the case.

"They're a close group and support each other," the source told IdolWow!. "It's difficult when anyone leaves such a tight unit, but they all want the best for each other."

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Earlier today, July 2, Amber posted a photo of herself and members Krystal and Luna practicing for July 5 and July 6 SMTown Live concerts in Japan. As already reported, Victoria will be unable to attend due to poor health.

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