f(x) Amber to Dress Up in Ailee's Sexiest Dress for Performance — This is Not a Joke!

December 30, 2014 at 10:00 am EDT

What do you think? How Amber might look in Ailee’s sexy "Don’t Touch Me" get up

What do you think? How Amber might look in Ailee’s sexy "Don’t Touch Me" get up. Credit: YMC Entertainment, SM Entertainment

You may be used to seeing her in a baseball cap and jeans, but f(x)'s Amber is about to ditch her tomboy image and get real glam for a special TV event.

The 22-year-old will swap places with singer pal Ailee for the day and strut her stuff in a sexy dress for a special season of One Fine Day.

The two songstress — who have been pals for several years — will go on a special "friendship trip" together for the MBC Music show and Amber has vowed to take off her trademark baseball cap and jeans to wear a gown worn by Ailee, 25, during her stage performance for "Don't Touch Me."

And it doesn't stop there — the "Electric Shock" singer won't just wear the dress, she will also put on a rendition of Ailee's chart hit too!

Both Amber and Ailee hail from the US and met via the K-pop music industry. The popular travel reality show will follow the pair as they make their own arrangements to travel together, revealing their close friendship and giving fans an eye into their everyday lives.

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Amber and Ailee's special feature will take place across eight episodes of One Fine Day, the first screening tonight, December 30.

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