First Video Teasers: SM Entertainment's "Unlimited Member" Group, NCT

January 28, 2016 at 10:00 am EDT

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You thought EXO was a big group? Think again. SM Entertainment have announced that their next male idol group venture will feature an "unlimited" number of members!

Earlier today a conceptual teaser video for boy band NCT (New Culture Technology) was released and marked the official launch of SM’s new expansion plans for K-Pop world domination.

According to the agency, NCT will be comprised of a "potentially unlimited number of members" hailing from all over the world grouped into sub-units based on their locale. Units will be created by local companies and are to perform in their local languages.

The new teaser videos for NCT have a distinctly SM Entertainment vibe Credit: SM Entertainment

The new teaser videos for NCT have a distinctly SM Entertainment vibe
Credit: SM Entertainment

What's interesting is that SM say members will come and go whenever they want, rotating throughout the various sub-units, hopefully creating a global collaboration platform with a view to localize K-Pop across various continents of the globe from Asia to Latin America.

The very Star Wars-looking teaser video released today, January 28, spans over four minutes and shows a young kid stranded in the desert having lost his mother and anxious about the future. The boy is played by a Korean child model by the name David Hyunoo LaChapelle.

A second teaser clip, titled "Synchronization of Your Dreams" gives a glimpse at some of the possible members, including trainee and SMRookies star Hansol.

SM founder Lee Soo Man says that the first sub-unit from NCT will debut in the first half of 2016 and will promote in Seoul and Tokyo. Subsequent mini-groups will follow suit and establish themselves across China later in the year, with South East Asia and Latin America further down the pipeline.

Super Junior and EXO, have already given SM Entertainment a reputation as the big boy bands. And with NCT, they can carve that title in stone for eternity!

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