Sistar19's Comeback Photos: Pair Show Off Shapely Legs, Curves

January 23, 2013 at 5:00 pm EDT

SISTAR's sub-unit duo Hyorin and Bora are sexy and they know it.

The pair, aka Sistar19, are currently readying to release their long-awaited comeback single at the end of the month and today released a first look at their sexy concept.

Bora and HyorinCredit: Starship Entertainment

Bora and Hyorin
Credit: Starship Entertainment

Lazing on beds in chunky knitwear and underwear, Hyorin and Bora, both 22, show their shapely legs and famous curves.

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In other shots, Hyorin sits up on the bed sensuously running her fingers through her hair and gazing in to the camera, while a jewelry-clad Bora lies on the floor with her lips close to a phone.

Sexy: HyorinCredit: Starship Entertainment

Sexy: Hyorin
Credit: Starship Entertainment

While the sub-unit's debut track "Ma Boy" was a younger sound for the group, a spokesman for Sistar19 says fans can expect something a little different this time around.

"The new material has been created under the theme of innocence and sensuousness," says the rep. "Sistar19 put a lot of efforts into the new material in order to satisfy their fans. I can assure you that the musical quality of the material won't disappoint you."

BoraCredit: Starship Entertainment

Credit: Starship Entertainment

The pair have already recorded their new material, collaborating with SISTAR favourite Brave Brothers (the brains behind "Push Push", "So Cool" and "Ma Boy").

Their yet-to-named single and music video will be released on January 31.


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