Exclusive: "Se7en is Innocent, He Only Had Shoulder Massage," Source

June 26, 2013 at 10:00 am EDT

Se7en at the 306 Bochungdae military enlistment festival in Gyeonggi on March 19Credit: Jo Seong Jin

Se7en at the 306 Bochungdae military enlistment festival in Gyeonggi on March 19
Credit: Jo Seong Jin/Dispatch Images

After accusations of abusing military time by getting an adults-only massage in the middle of a working night, sources close to Se7en have stepped forward to defend the idol.

Korea's tabloid television news show Scene 21 last night claimed to have footage of the the 28-year-old, who was joined by fellow celebrity recruit Sangchu, 33, from hip hop act Mighty Mouth, entering an over 19's massage parlor in Chuncheon, Gangwon, on Wednesday June 19.

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"No one comes for just a massage," the shop's manager reportedly told the SBS show of their 4am visit. However, a source close to Se7en refutes the claimes entirely.

"This has been a very one-sided production," a close source tells IdolWow! of the grainy video. "The show doesn't have any proof.

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"It's true that he went to a massage parlor which is open all hours, but he only went in for a neck and shoulder treatment. It is nothing suspicious, he is innocent. If you check the real tape you will see he was only there for 20 to 30 minutes."

They add: "Se7en works very hard in the military and it's extremely unfair for others to try and put him in this light. He performed at an event as part of his military duties during the day. The night was the only free time they had."

Korea's National Defense Media Agency also dismisses the show's allegations, explaining: "One of the recruits visited the parlor to treat their bad back and knee". They didn't disclose the other recruit's reason. (A rep at YG Entertainment also denies the claims, but refuses to add further comment).

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Singers Rain and KCM were with the group earlier in the evening, however spokesmen for both have made it clear that he did not join the other two for massages.

The 31-year-old instead chose o stay back at a motel after they enjoying a soju and chicken dinner outing with the others.

Se7en enlisted in the military on March 19. He was upgraded to a rifleman position in the 135th infantry division in April.

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