Dongwoo, Hoya: "We'll be the tougher version of INFINITE"

January 10, 2013 at 8:00 pm EDT

Dongwoo and Hoya (aka INFINITE H) at the Uniqlo-AX in ChangXX, Seoul, on January 10, 2013Credit: Dispatch Images

Dongwoo and Hoya (aka INFINITE H) at the Uniqlo-AX in Gwangjin, Seoul, on January 10, 2013
Credit: Dispatch Images

Dongwoo and Hoya took to the stage as INFINITE H for the first time in public today at their showcase in Seoul.

The sub-unit duo confidently met with fans and press at the Uniqlo-AX, where they answered questions and performed several tracks from their new album.

And while the pair may be from the group INFINITE, that's where the similarity ends, says Dongwoo.

"INFINITE give slick group performances, but INFINITE H will give tough yet attractive performances," the 22-year-old told reporters at the Gwangjin area venue.

When asked if they were worried about competition from the other unit groups in 2013, such as 4Minute's 2Yoon, he added: "We read articles about other unit groups, but most of them are from girl groups so we decided to just enjoy this together, rather than compete against each other."

Added Hoya, 21: "It's different being a male unit group [compared to female]. First of all, we are men. And unlike girl group members, we can give masculine performances."

The pair were also asked which INFINITE bandmate has been the most supportive of their endeavors. "Sunggyu," they both replied in unison.

"Whenever we felt tired, he would be waiting for us at the dormitary," Dongwoo explained. "He's already had his solo activities, so he knows what it's like and kept an eye on us. He paid a lot of attention on what we were doing and wanted to help.

"It must be because he's the oldest in the group, but Sunggyu takes good care of his health. He suggested vitamins for us to take because we'd be tired from all our activities and even gave us some as a gift."

Although Hoya was quick add that every band member helped in their own way, explaining: "After we were established as a unit, the other members gave us a lot of support and advice... Every time we went to rehearsal, the members would [message us] and show support with nice messages or cute emoticons. It may seem small, but it meant a lot to us and gave us strength."

INFINITE H's first album, Fly High, is out tomorrow.


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