Do-Gooder Tiffany Appointed Children's Charity Ambassador

December 28, 2012 at 2:00 pm EDT

Tiffany with Global Hope representative Jo Young Jung in Seoul on December 17, 2012Credit: Global Hope

Tiffany with Global Hope representative Jo Yoong Joong in Seoul on December 17, 2012
Credit: Global Hope

Girls' Generation's Tiffany was named an honorary Global Hope ambassador earlier this month, it's been announced.

The 23-year-old singer joined officials at an appointment ceremony in Seoul on December 17, where she signed the official registry and was presented with a certificate.

Global Hope is a non-profit organisation by the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs which aides and supports abandoned children across borders.

During her time at the headquarters, the star met with two sponsored children from India and Myanmar (also known as Burma).

"I hope to help children in needs," Tiffany says. "As an ambassador for Global Hope, I will try my best to help these children grow up to become leaders of the world."

Organisation rep Jo Yoon Joong adds: "We're very thankful that Tiffany, who has a kind heart and is loved across the world, decided to be active as an honorary ambassador of Global Hope.

"We'll work harder with Tiffany and continue to build a hopeful community in the world."

Tiffany has become somewhat of a philanthropist in her 20s. Earlier this year she auctioned off items from a CeCi magazine photo shoot to raise money for the Korean Animal Welfare Association.

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