Despite Flag Scandal, Twice Score ANOTHER Number 1

February 1, 2016 at 3:00 pm EDT

Girl group of the moment Twice have amassed another chart victory despite having been involved in a recent controversy.

Last night, January 31, the nine-girl multi-national K-Pop band took the top spot on SBS’s Inkigayo charts for their single "Like Ooh Ahh."

This win was an unusual feat considering the song was released back in October 2015, but the group was recently involved in a political scandal after Taiwanese member Tzuyu waved a Taiwanese flag on a Korean TV sparking an outrage among pro-Chinese audiences.

Despite unnecessary controversy, Twice have continued to dominate the charts with their single "Ooh Ahh" Credit: JYP Entertainment

Despite unnecessary controversy, Twice have continued to dominate the charts with their single "Like Ooh Ahh"
Credit: JYP Entertainment

The 16-year-old appeared on an episode of My Little Television with her bandmates and waved a South Korean flag in one hand and the Republic of China (Taiwan) flag in the other, introducing herself as Taiwanese. Pro-Chinese audiences condemned the idol star for being a Taiwanese independence activist and the scandal ultimately led to the whole band being banned from Chinese television and Tzuyu’s contract as brand model for Chinese telecoms Huawei being cancelled.

Tzuyu was eventually forced to issue a video apology to the pro-Chinese viewers she had offended, which then sparked an even greater outrage from leading pro-independence figures. The girl couldn't win.

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All of this happened in a matter of days and now, Taiwan looks to have its first female president after voters elected pro-independence politician Tsai Ing-wen to the helm, and some speculate that the 16-year-old Twice starlet may have helped the Taiwanese Pro-Independence Party win the election!

But is all this press coverage also how "Like Ooh Ahh" -- which was also the most watched rookie video in 2015 -- has scored number 1 on Inkigayo months after release? Let us know in the comments below.

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