Dal Shabet Show Off Lean Legs For Comeback Single: Photo

June 14, 2013 at 3:00 pm EDT

Cute sextet Dal Shabet are flaunting their fabulous lean legs in a newly released teaser photo for their upcoming comeback single, "Be Ambitious".

The teaser photo released today features the leggy ladies in sultry black swimsuit leotards and Louboutin-style heels, cross-legged in a sharp and dominant pose.

The simple yet sexy concept marks a new style for Dal ShabetCredit: Happy Face Entertainment

The simple yet sexy concept marks a new style for Dal Shabet
Credit: Happy Face Entertainment

In the image, viewers' eyes are immediately drawn to a luscious line of ultra-toned pins. Band members Serri, 22, WooHee, 21, even sport temporary tattoos on their thighs, turning up the heat for a much anticipated comeback.

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The gorgeous gaggle of girlies are touted to be releasing a second teaser on Monday June 17, while "Be Ambitious" is due for full release on Thursday June 20.

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