Clazziquai Horan's Gorgeous Wedding Dress Photo Shoot

January 17, 2013 at 8:00 am EDT

Clazziquai star Horan has less than two months to go until her big day, and she's enjoying every minute of preparing for it.

The singer, 33, had a personal pre-wedding photo shoot with her fiancé in Seoul last week and fans can now see the stunning results.

Horan and her fiance spent eight hours at the shootCredit: Olze Studio

Horan and her fiance spent eight hours at the shoot
Credit: Olze Studio

The photos show Horan in a number of elegant wedding gowns and also show the first photo of her 36-year-old fiancé, who's name she is still keeping secret.

A spokesman for Olze Studio, who shot and directed the dramatic picture set at their studio, says: "The concept for Horan was a movie-like love story."

Horan tried on several dresses for the picturesCredit: Olze Studio

Horan tried on several dresses for the pictures
Credit: Olze Studio

A set source adds: "Horan's fiancé couldn't take his eyes off of her during the shoot and was always making sure she was okay. They are so cute together."

The couple, who announced their wedding last month, will get married on March 30 at the Renaissance Hotel in the Gangnam area.


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