Clara Lee Fights Back: "Read MY Side of Legal Battle Story"

January 21, 2015 at 10:00 am EDT

On January 14, Clara posted an innocent looking selfie on her official fan page just a week before the scandal blew up Credit: Facebook

On January 14, Clara posted an innocent looking selfie on her official fan page just a week before the scandal blew up
Credit: Facebook

Actress and model Clara has spoken out about her side of the story amidst swirling controversy and legal disputes with talent agency Polaris Entertainment.

The 29-year-old star signed with Polaris in July 2014 but sought to nullify her contract a few months later due to creative differences. Local media reports say that the agency then sued her for breach of contract, which was originally due to last until 2018.

In a surprise turn of events, Clara then sued the company's CEO Lee Guy Tae -- who also looks after Ladies Code and singer Ivy ---  under the grounds of sexual harassment in December 2014.

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Last night, January 20, Clara took to her Facebook page to detail her side of the story, starting her letter with, "Yesterday, before the official trial had even commenced, I was sentenced to death by the media, and then had that confirmed by death sentence from the public."

Read the idol's full letter -- which was originally written in Korean -- below:


1) Yes it's true. As Dispatch reported yesterday, I did send the swimsuit images and the underwear photos to CEO Lee Guy Tae via KakaoTalk.

Although you may think I was trying to seduce CEO Lee by sending him those pictures, I was only ‘working’ and doing my best.

I was seeking opinions and approval on images that would feature in magazines and books, from CEO Lee whom I would be working with in the future.

The KakaTtalk portions of the images revealed by the media were from right before and after I signed the contract when I was on best terms with the CEO. It was obviously a time when I had to look my best.

It was also a time when the CEO and I exchanged our opinions directly without any appointed staff members.


2) Afterwards, the CEO failed to keep the promises that he made during the time of the contract and the dispute began. In the midst of the conflict, he even began to question the relationship I had with my manager.

After midnight he would send me KakaoTalk messages every five minutes while he was drinking and said things like, 'You're refreshing and make me nervous,' 'I’m like this because I was drinking wine and thought about you,' among others and I was surprised that he would send things like that during such circumstances.

What I found most shocking was that in the midst of the conflict, he clearly said several times, 'I won't reveal your personal life!' and despite this, he said, "In order for the company to take care of you, it must know your personal schedules, even including 'the menstruation period of an actress!"

My position on this is that it is unacceptable and unreasonable.


3) I had no choice but to tell this to my father, who, upon hearing it, became extremely angry and sent them a certified document stating that he would file a police report if they did not nullify the contract immediately.

Upon receiving this document, CEO Lee saw it as a ′threat′ and instead filed a lawsuit to the police saying we were threatening him.


4) It is true that I went to CEO Lee and said that it was my fault and apologized. I only did this because the Polaris lawyer told me that the contract would be terminated if I apologized first. I wanted to apologize and end it peacefully. However, CEO Lee did not keep his promise, and instead, filmed it with the CCTV and is using it as evidence against me for the lawsuit.

What is more astounding is that before the meeting, CEO Lee said, "Let′s not record this. Turn off all cellphones. I've also turned mine off…" but while CEO Lee did not record it, he filmed it. Fortunately, I have recorded evidence of my words.

The CEO has always told me that he had the best political and financial connections, media connections and the ability to control comments. So of course, there is no way I could win.

I'm not asking you to be on my side.

But I'm sincerely asking for your consideration so that I may at least have the basic right to a fair trial under Korean law.


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