Busker Busker's Brad Moore Slams Superstar K: "It's All Fixed"

October 3, 2013 at 10:00 am EDT

Brad Moore and wife Dani at the premiere of I Give it a Year in Seoul's Megabox theatre on May 28 Credit: Optics/Dispatch Images

Brad Moore and wife Dani at the premiere of I Give it a Year in Seoul's Megabox theatre on May 28
Credit: Optics/Dispatch Images

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Busker Busker's Brad Moore has hit out at TV talent contest Superstar K -- the show which the group found fame on in 2011.

The 28-year-old shared lengthy and controversial details of his experience during the show's third 'K3' series in an undated interview with a Vice magazine's new music channel Noisey, claiming it was predetermined and fixed.

Ohio-born Moore -- who originally went to Korea to teach English -- told the website that his band’s progression in the show followed a predetermined narrative that began from the moment the producers approached the unknown band prior to the show.

"They just needed diversity in their narrative, in their broadcasting -- so they had us come in to make the show look successful,” Moore explained. "Even though they had called us.”

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He added that their rival group in the show were already set up to beat them. "When they linked us up with these kids, the narrative had already been set: Two Months were passing, Busker Busker was failing," he said. "That was predetermined, we found out later... [the producers] just didn't think we were marketable."

Moore also claims that the Ulala Session's win was fixed, despite opening the votes to the viewers. "Everyone on the show had known long in advance that Ulala Session were scripted to win,” he said, adding that his manager had told them in advance.

In the interview, the singer also revealed that Superstar K regularly autotuned live performances (even his drums!), confined contestants to strict dorm regimes and even encouraged botox treatments. (Reps at CJ E&M and Mnet refused to comment when approached by IdolWow!).

UPDATE (18:34 p.m EST): Moore and his agency have today, October 2, responded to Noisey article, claiming certain comments have been taken out of context.

Moore wrote on on Twitter: "When I was on Superstar K3 I didn't know Korean and Korean culture well and misunderstood things. But now I'm studying Korean hard and happy doing music and broadcasting. I am very thankful for Superstar K3 for all their support and their contribution to my life. I will continue to work hard."

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