Big Bang's Taeyang Mourns the Loss of Pet Dog, Boss: "I Lost My Baby"

June 11, 2013 at 10:00 am EDT

Taeyang often shared pictures of him and BossCredit: Twitter

Taeyang often shared pictures of him and Boss
Credit: Twitter

Big Bang’s Taeyang last night mourned the loss of his much beloved pet Boston Terrior, Boss. The canine companion tragically passed away shortly after receiving surgery for a herniated disc.

The 25-year-old singer expressed his grief on Twitter: "2008.07.15-2013.06.10 [BOSS]... Farewell Boss… 5 years, we were so happy and had so much fun.. Thank you and I, your bro, am sorry."

He added in a second tweet: "I lost my baby today. He will be always in my heart”, and then went on to thank the veterinarians.

Boss had gone in for emergency surgery on Wednesday June 5, but due to complications passed away the following day.

Taeyang's brother Dong Hyeon Bae, 30, also shared thoughtful words for the loss of the family pet, writing: "Boss...good bye.. I won't forget you...Don't forget me and rest in peace. I was really happy for five years because of you. Thanks."

He added: "I'm sorry for not knowing that you were sick sooner.. I'm sorry for not being able to treat you well... Run around as much as you want there.. I wanted to go to the Han River with you. I love you Boss. I miss you."

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