Aww! 1TYM's Danny Shares Photos of Baby Son

December 29, 2012 at 1:30 pm EDT

Baby Christian and DannyCredit: Instagram

Baby Christian and Danny
Credit: Instagram

ITYM‘s Danny Im proudly showed off a photo of his adorable newborn son on Twitter.

The hip-hop group star tweeted an Instagram pic of his chubby-cheeked baby, Christian, in a tiny Santa hat. "Christian's 1st Christmas!" he excitedly wrote underneath.

After sharing the photo of his festively dressed son, Epik High leader, and close pal, Tablo replied: "Your baby is an angel yo!", to which Danny replied: "Thx! Now I have one just like you!".

Earlier this month, Danny, 32, changed his Twitter profile photo to a sihlouette of him and his three-month-old son (Korean name Lim Hyun Huk), surprising fans who didn't even know the American-born singer was married.

It was later reported that Danny had a quiet wedding with his longtime girlfriend at the start of the year in the United States. Although little is known about his bride, sources have said the pair  knew each other for more than 10 years and met through friends.

Danny currently lives  with his family in Los Angeles, where he presents the MNET America show Danny From LA.

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