Ailee to Make Comeback Next Month, Source Confirms

June 26, 2015 at 12:00 pm EDT

Ailee is set to make a chart comeback in July with a Brave Brother-produced single

Ailee is set to make a chart comeback in July with a Brave Brothers-produced single

After a week of rumours, multiple sources confirm to IdolWow! that singer Ailee will be making her return to the stage in July.

A source close to the singer reveals, "Ailee is preparing for her comeback next month, although a specific date has not been set. Please be supportive of her new music."

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Rumors first started to circulate after a timetable graphic containing the 26-year-old solo singer’s album alongside its track title and producer surfaced on the a forum.

The release info -- which was obtained by popular Korean music site Instiz -- shows a possible comeback date of July 6.

After the info leak, no official statement was made by the songstress' agency YMC Entertainment, so fans began to do their own investigate work in an attempt to ascertain what they can.

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The track title, "Johnny," is rumored to be a tribute to the man who discovered Ailee in the first place -- Johhnyphlo , who is now a producer and songwriter for his label MUZO Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Brave Brothers -- producer to idol group hits for acts such as Big Bang, Sistar and AOA -- is said to have put his magic touch on the track.

Watch this space for more information.

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