2NE1's CL: "I Expected 'The Baddest Female' to Slip Down the Charts"

June 6, 2013 at 11:00 am EDT

CL at an Adidas store event in Seoul on April 19Credit: Dispatch Images

CL at an Adidas store event in Seoul on April 19
Credit: Dispatch Images

2NE1's CL may have hit the top of the charts with her debut solo single "The Baddest Female" but after just one week in pole position, the single has slowly begun to slip. But the 2Ne1 singer admits she didn't expect the song to top the charts for long.

In a candid chat, the 22-year-old diva explains her reason for doubting the hip-hop track. "There aren’t that many women who like hip-hop, so it was an expected outcome," she says.

"I, however, embraced the opportunity to perform hip-hop through this occasion, wearing hip-hop clothes and being able to express my music with freedom."

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She added: "If those of my fans who took an interest gained joy from it at any point then it would have been worth it.”

Although the 2NE1 leader didn’t manage to hold top spot for long, her first ever solo single did reach number one on eight different charts within Korea, not to mention charting on the US iTunes hip-hop chart.

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The songstress has also revealed her feelings about her track debut stage performance.

She said of the first The Music Trend live stage: "I can’t say I was entirely satisfied, but I did enjoy it. The new stage was exciting and I had fun. Having so many fans there it felt less like a broadcast and more like sharing conversation with them."


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