2AM's Jinwoon Shows Off Flawless Skin in Cute Spring Shoot

January 17, 2013 at 4:00 pm EDT

Spring time is here!

2AM's Jinwoon proved that the flower boy image he shed on Laws of the Jungle is very much back in bloom.

The 21-year-old posted for the February edition of CeCi magazine, which captured his flawless skin and radiant charm in a bright photo shoot.

Posing under a tent in light clothing and sandals, it was clear that the "I Was Wrong" star wants to bring winter to an end.

Jinwoon poses for the February editionCredit: CeCi

Jinwoon poses for the February edition
Credit: CeCi

But it's not easy looking this good. The singer says he works hard to maintain his image.

"I look out for skincare products that cleanly remove the makeup I use for work, and moisturise so to prevent it from drying up," he has said. "The best way to keep healthy is to exercise. I exercise frequently."

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Although the singer is currently single, he recently revealed which type he is on the lookout for: "My ideal girlfriend would be on the taller side, with a small face and long limbs, pretty... I would think that an impatient person is not suitable for me; a girl who is considerate would be nice."

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