b-a-p-ditch-tough-image-for-cute-video-feel-so-good-20160222-thumb Play button

Boyband flip their image over and make cute and colorful transformation in new comeback music video »

watch-gfriend-hilariously-attempt-to-hula-hoop-with-hanboks-on-20160203-thumb Play button

The rookie girl group ran amok in the traditional garments after they were set a hilarious challenge »

taeyeon-hits-number-1-on-every-chart-with-rain-releases-mv-20160203-thumb Play button

Girls' Generation star sweeps the top of every major chart in Korea after releasing music video and single for new SM project »

lol-jack-black-and-kwanghee-do-marshmallow-challenge-20160201-thumb Play button

See the Hollywood comedian appears as a guest on MBC's Infinity Challenge for a hilarious marshmallow stuffing contest »

4minute-slay-in-comeback-music-video-hate-20160201-thumb Play button

Hyuna and co make comeback with Skrillex-produced single and stunning music video »

new-boyband-imfact-debut-with-super-colorful-music-video-lollipop-20160127-thumb Play button

New boy group debut with super bright and zesty music video set inside school »

zico-drops-two-music-videos-in-one-day-20160125-thumb Play button

Zico releases "I Am You You Are Me" and also partners up with f(x)'s Luna for "It Was Love" »

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January 25, 2016 at 11:00 am EDT
See GFriend's Sweet New Video for "Rough"

"Rough" is taken off the rookie idol group's third EP, "Snowflake" »