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Winners' Nam Taehyun says he will continue to work hard to improve his much-criticized acting skills
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The singer and budding actor attended a roundtable press conference to promote the group's new album "EXIT:E" »

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Boy band star emerges as man behind mask in singing talent show and says he kept his identity under wraps even from his own mother »

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Hip hop boy band cause social media stir after appearing on new Chinese web drama Good Evening, Teacher »

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A rep says, they plan to "introduce a more diverse group of talented rappers this season" »

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Popular actor and SM Entertainment boy band idol are paired up to star in feature film next year »

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Actress ends a five-month We Got Married relationship with rocker idol by doing a sexy dance routing »

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See photos and video of the 22-year-old leaning in to kiss co-star actress during In The Heights rehearsal »

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The rock idol and screen actress couple withdraw from marriage reality show after five months of virtual matrimony »