exo-suho-ji-soo-kim-hee-chan-flaunts-biceps-in-vogue-shoot-thumb Play button
February 22, 2016 at 7:30 pm EDT
EXO's Suho Flaunts Biceps in Vogue Shoot: Pics

Boyband idol and co-star actors Ji Soo and Kim Hee Chan show off muscles in shoot to promote Glory Days »

taemin-drops-star-packed-album-featuring-bruno-mars-20160222-thumb Play button

SHINee star prepares to release official solo album featuring collaborative works from producers all over the world including Bruno Mars »

b-a-p-ditch-tough-image-for-cute-video-feel-so-good-20160222-thumb Play button

Boyband flip their image over and make cute and colorful transformation in new comeback music video »

hwang-jung-eum-wont-become-housewife-after-wedding-20160222-theme Play button
February 22, 2016 at 3:00 pm EDT
Hwang Jung Eum Won't Quit Work After Wedding

Actress says marriage won’t hold her back from work during magazine interview as she prepares for wedding later this month »

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Rookie Actress Go Yuna Talks About Her Dreams and Role Model

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Winners' Nam Taehyun says he will continue to work hard to improve his much-criticized acting skills
Credit: MBC Play button

The singer and budding actor attended a roundtable press conference to promote the group's new album "EXIT:E" »

watch-gfriend-hilariously-attempt-to-hula-hoop-with-hanboks-on-20160203-thumb Play button

The rookie girl group ran amok in the traditional garments after they were set a hilarious challenge »

2pm-jun-k-reveals-hes-king-of-mask-singer-i-didnt-even-tell-my-mom-20160203-thumb Play button

Boy band star emerges as man behind mask in singing talent show and says he kept his identity under wraps even from his own mother »

park-si-hoo-files-a-record-76-lawsuits-against-abusive-internet-trolls-20160203-thumb Play button

Actor files record number of lawsuits against online trolls after suffering abuse for several years »