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jo-jeong-seok-and-exos-d-o-cast-in-drama-movie-hyung-details-20150825-thumb Play button

Popular actor and SM Entertainment boy band idol are paired up to star in feature film next year »

tao-sues-sm-entertainment-using-kris-and-luhans-lawyer-20150824-thumb Play button

Former EXO-M lead rapper files lawsuit against agency using same legal team used by former Chinese bandmates »

hyuna-reveals-she-works-out-every-day-so-she-can-eat-more-a-lot-more-20150824-thumb Play button

Rapper reveals the real motivation behind her strict exercise regime is her fondness of food »

block-bs-zico-goes-solo-on-september-issue-of-the-celebrity-pics-20150824-thumb Play button

Boy band leader and Show Me the Money judge does a solitary shoot and interview for popular idol magazine »

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New Details on Song Seung Heon and Liu Yifei's Relationship

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G-Dragon appeared on pal Justin Bieber's Instagram account to promote his forthcoming single
Credit: Instagram Play button

Big Bang rapped supports his friends and American singer by sending support for his single, "What Do You Mean?" »

what-rivalry-girls-generation-tiffany-and-wonder-girls-sunmi-yenny-take-selfies-backstage-inkigayo-20150824-thumb Play button

Girls Generation and the Wonder Girls demonstrate their friendlessness backstage and take selfies together to prove their friendship »

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south-korea-blasts-k-pop-over-north-korea-border-20150823-1 Play button

Songs from the likes of Girls' Generation and EXID blare across the border to North Korea and continue to enrage Kim Jong Un »

airbnb-offer-chance-to-stay-at-g-dragons-home-20150821-thumb Play button

Big Bang rapper offers second home in Seoul for two nights to five lucky fans on popular accommodation site »