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sistars-bora-sheds-tears-while-discussing-fathers-death-and-mothers-health-20150511-thumb Play button

Brave girl. It’s revealed that Bora’s father passed away on the same day she auditioned for JYP Entertainment »

kim-hyun-joong-quietly-enlists-for-military-service-after-denying-ex-girlfriends-abuse-claims-20150513-thumb Play button

The singer and actor suddenly disappears to enlist in 21 months of military service, despite his ex-girlfriend’s serious allegations »

aoas-seolhyun-admits-she-doesnt-like-being-called-the-second-suzy-20150513-thumb Play button

"I would rather people see me as I am than be referred to a second version of something else,” she says »

see-shinee-get-drugged-and-kidnapped-by-masked-women-in-comeback-teaser-trailer-20150513-thumb Play button

Ahead of their upcoming four album release, the group release a teaser for their single “View" »

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China Goes Crazy for Pinocchio, 2PM's Wooyoung Releases Album in Japan

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big-bang-to-shoot-happy-together-episode-top-billboard-charts-20150511-thumb Play button

The superstar idols — who just topped the Billboard World Charts — will appear as a group for the first time on the popular KBS series »

lee-byung-hun-joins-chris-pratt-denzel-washington-in-remake-of-magnificent-seven-details-20150511-thumb Play button

The G.I. Joe and Red 2 hunk will start filming filming alongside Denzel Washington and the rest of the cast later this year »

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crayon-pop-become-super-heroes-fight-monster-in-hilarious-funny-or-die-video-20150511-thumb Play button

The quirky girl group team up with the popular viral video site for a LOL-filled video funny »

bts-release-unedited-19-rated-version-of-i-need-you-music-video-see-the-new-scenes-20150511-thumb Play button

BTS Release Unedited 19+ Rated Version of “I Need You” Music Video Including Explicit Scenes »